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Organise with EndNote groups

Smart groups

Smart groups update themselves with new references in your library that match search criteria that you set.

Create a smart group

To create a smart group, go to the “Groups” toolbar and click “Create Smart Group”.

In the box that pops up, give your smart group a name.

Set your criteria

Your criteria will dictate which references will be added to the group. You can choose up to ten criteria, which can be combined using And, Or, or Not.

To set your criteria:

  • Set the field: each of the criteria can relate to any field in a reference record, such as Author, Year, Title, Publisher, Access Date, etc.
  • Set the conditions: the “Contains” drop-down menu allows you to specify conditions such as “Contains”, “Is greater than”, “Begins with” etc.
  • Type in your criteria. If you need to add extra criteria, use the plus button to add a new row.

Some examples of criteria you might choose are:

  • Year is greater than 2015
  • Title contains students
  • Author contains Kodama.

When you have set your criteria, click “Create” to create the smart group. It will appear in the left-hand panel under My Groups.

Any references matching your criteria get added automatically to the smart group. Any new references added to your library will also be added to the smart group if they match the criteria.

To edit the criteria for a smart group, select the group on the left-hand panel and click the “Groups” toolbar and then “Edit Group”. You can then add, change, or remove criteria.

Watch this Clarivate video (there’s no audio) for a demonstration of creating a smart group: