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Learning and development

Resources for digital learning and development

Jisc Discovery Tool

You can find more questions to help you evaluate your digital capabilities in the Jisc Discovery Tool, which also contains a wide range of resources to develop the digital skills and knowledge that are most important to you.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technologies are digital tools that can make learning materials more accessible and suited to your needs (such as Screen Readers and dictation apps). They can also help you with focus, productivity and fluency in your studies and assignments.

FutureLearn Campus

FutureLearn offers an extensive range of online courses from leading universities and organisations. Students at the University of Leeds have free access to FutureLearn Campus

FutureLearn Campus provides unlimited access to all courses and you can choose to complete tests and receive a digital Certificate of Achievement for particular courses. Sign in with the domain name (eg and then select the ‘Get free upgrade’ option when you join a course.

The University of Leeds FutureLearn courses that can help you with your digital learning include:

Academic integrity

See our support for Endnote and Academic integrity and plagiarism for more information on how digital tools can help you to maintain academic integrity in your work, and for guidance on what forms of technological assistance are not allowed by the university.

Ask the digital learning team

Do you have a question about digital capabilities or the tools that you use in your studies? Come along to a Digital Drop-in.

Digital Drop-ins provide an informal space for you to work on your digital capabilities, and we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have with university online systems or software.